Warpage Analysis

Warpage analysis - simulation of shrinkage

The distortion of a plastic component is caused by the uneven shrinkage of the plastic material. The shrinkage is caused by the cooling of the material. As long as the holding pressure is effective, the shrinkage can be compensated by adding further material, the plastic melt. The shrinkage of the plastic material, which occurs when no further material can be fed in, must first be kept in the mold. If the shrinkage is not uniform throughout the entire component, it will lead to component distortion.

Distortion minimization - compensation of shrinkage

M.TEC simulates the shrinkage in the plastic component during the warpage analysis and shows in which areas of the component different shrinkage occurs. Based on these findings, we develop solutions for you to even out the shrinkage within the component and thus minimize the component distortion.

Services warpage analysis, minimization of shrinkage

  • Simulation of shrinkage in plastic components
  • Consulting for the redesign of the component
  • Optimization of cooling
  • Optimization of the packing phase
  • Optimization of the distribution system

Different shrinkage causes distortion in the plastic component

If a plastic component deviates geometrically from the shape reproduced in the mold, this is known as warpage. The cause of warpage is the different shrinkage in a plastic component. This is mainly due to insufficient cooling or the fiber orientation.

Warpage analysis/warpage simulation and warpage optimization

Within the framework of an injection molding simulation, we calculate the geometric change of the component until it cools down to room temperature, based on the specific material behavior. This warpage analysis or warpage simulation takes into account all effects from the preceding process phases (mold temperature control, filling phase, packing phase, shrinkage).

In the warpage analysis of the plastic component, we take into account the fiber orientation of fiber-reinforced materials and thus show anisotropic shrinkage and warpage. Here, the thermal and fiber orientation-dependent influencing factors can be considered and analyzed separately.

Extract from our services in the area of warpage optimization

Based on the warpage analysis, we develop measures to minimize warpage:

  • Optimization of shrinkage by changing the component geometry
  • Reduction of shrinkage through development of holding pressure profiles
  • Adaptation of the distribution system to change the fiber direction
  • Introduction of flow aids
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