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Plastics and sustainability 

M.TEC: Our responsibility

Not only since Greta Thunberg and her activism have shaken the world, plastics have been the subject of public discussion. The prohibition or outlawing of plastic bags and straws is spreading in many regions of the world, and consumer awareness is changing: sustainable products, materials and packaging are preferred and their recyclability can have an immense influence on purchasing decisions.

We at M.TEC support the sustainable and conscious use of the finite materials and resources of our planet with our daily work. At the same time, we develop and design products, devices and components, which are often largely made of plastic. How can moral standards and our daily work be combined?

Plastics as the most sustainable solution

To put it simply: Describing the use of plastic per se as negative does not do justice to the subject. Plastics are an extraordinarily versatile group of materials with the most diverse properties. We at M.TEC use (high-performance) plastics in such a way that these properties support the desired function of the end product in the best possible way. We are aware of the finite nature of resources and our daily work is geared towards a prudent and sustainable use of these raw materials. In addition, the core of our awareness is to constantly investigate and evaluate the usefulness of using plastics. Plastics often represent - depending on the requirements of the end product - the most sustainable and ecologically sensible material in terms of design and function.

In every product development process, we focus on achieving the best possible compromise between ecology and economy when selecting materials, in addition to meeting technical requirements. 

Cross-industry necessity 

Without these lightweight yet stable, durable plastics, our mobility would be limited to the extreme: No car would drive on our roads, no train would transport us in an environmentally friendly way, no plane would cover the longest distances. The energy turnaround - especially with regard to e-mobility - would not be possible without the use of plastics. Our medical care would also be unthinkable without plastics: Sterile, durable and reliable, they serve to secure and maintain our health and are irreplaceable in the industry. Plastics have made our lives more hygienic, easier and safer. Countless other examples from both our private and professional everyday life can be found which make it clear that there is no more sustainable, ecologically sensible and at the same time appropriate alternative for the use of plastic materials in many areas of application today.

Our self-conception, our network

For this reason, we at M.TEC are committed to a constantly reflected handling of the finite resources available to our society. The use of plastics should always be considered and discussed in a differentiated way. Our product development is characterized by ecological and economic sustainability in every phase of development.

As a member of the Feddersen Group, we are also in close contact with BIO-FED, a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC dedicated to the development, compounding and marketing of biodegradable and bio-based plastics. 

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