Plastics engineering in product development


Beispiel für anspruchsvolle Kunststofftechnik: Stromschiene

Busbar overmolded (Engineering by M.TEC)

Highly stressed hybrid component, Highest safety requirements – Safe, Compact, Powerful, Precise, Robust

Beispiel für anspruchsvolle Kunststofftechnik: Mobilfunkpager

Mobile pager (Engineering by M.TEC)

Challenging and in parts contradictory design goals implemented – high reception, long battery life, light, drop-proof, waterproof, fail-safe, durable

Beispiel für anspruchsvollste Kunststofftechnik: Elektrische Körperpflegeprodukte

Premium Electrical Toothbrush

Emotional design driven premium product with global production – high-end multi-component injection moulding, waterproof, drop-proof, high-quality, modular, hygienic, durable

M.TEC is a pioneer and specialist in plastics engineering and technology. Since 1991, M.TEC has been developing complex components and assemblies in various industries as a service provider for product development. This includes process-compatible design as well as layout and dimensioning. M.TEC is your engineering expert for the use of plastics and high-performance plastics, the associated processing procedures and the corresponding tooling technology.

Material selection, material properties

The selection of the suitable material is an essential part of the product development process. It is important to select the most suitable material for the specific application from the multitude of different materials, with various modifications from various manufacturers. Both technical and economic requirements are taken into account in the selection process in order to achieve an optimum compromise.

Due to many advantageous properties, plastics replace other materials, such as metals and ceramics, in many applications. Some essential advantages are:

  • Low specific weight
  • Variability in form and function
  • Media resistance
  • Economic efficiency

In addition, complicated and functionally integrated components can be manufactured with plastics in a technically perfect way in just a few production steps.

Our specialists for material selection are trained engineers for plastics technology. They are very familiar with the methods and test procedures used to determine laboratory and experimental material parameters and their interpretation with regard to the subsequent product application conditions. In addition to systematic material selection across manufacturers, in which the material properties and their dependencies on the time of use, the sample or component temperature and the influence of the media are taken into account, our experts are also happy to assist you in the analysis of damage.

Technical Engineering

M.TEC is a "spin-off" of the Instituts für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV) at the RWTH Aachen. Since 1991, M.TEC has built up extensive, in-depth know-how in the design, calculation and layout of plastic components.

As a service provider for the development of plastic components, we distinguish ourselves above all by our knowledge of the material behaviour of polymers, tooling technology and the possible process technologies for the manufacture of plastic technical products.

We are experts in plastics engineering simulation techniques for mechanical component design using finite element analyses and for the rheological and thermal design of injection moulding tools as well as for the design of plastics engineering components that are suitable for the material and production process.

Simulation & calculation of plastic components

  • Mechanical behavior of plastic components (strength calculation plastic): Finite Element Analysis FEM
  • Fluidic properties of plastic components: CFD flow simulation
  • Behavior of plastic components under highly dynamic loads (drop test, crash): FEM crash simulation
  • Optimal design of the injection mold: Injection molding simulation

M.TEC engineer's expertise

  • Material- and process-compatible design
  • Material selection
  • Process Simulation
  • Die design
  • Processing and production technologies
  • Automation
  • Application of plastics
  • Design/calculation of plastic components
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