FEM Simulation: Finite Element Analysis

FEM simulation of the strain of an impeller (Simulation by M.TEC)

We use FEM simulation/FEM calculation or structural simulation to improve the performance of parts, components and products and to reduce material and production costs as well as weight. M.TEC simulates component loads or the strength of components for different materials. However, the focus is on strength calculations for plastic components. Our calculation engineers simulate the component behavior of your products already in the design phase, at an early stage when changes can be made without enormous costs.

Application areas FEM simulation/FEM calculation

  • Structural analyses
    • Determination of material and component loads
    • Contact analyses
    • Determination of component deformations
    • Force-displacement curves
  • Stiffness analyses
  • Strength calculation / strength analyses, especially strength calculation of plastic components and assemblies made of plastic
  • Lifetime analyses
  • Calculation of component deformation under consideration of the non-linear component and material behavior
  • Creep calculations
  • Thermal simulations / Thermomechanics
    • Simulation of heating processes
    • Heat conduction, radiation, convection
    • Determination/calculation of heat distribution
    • Calculation of heat transfer / thermal expansion
  • Vibration analyses
    • Modal analyses
    • Oscillation processes

Using the structural simulation / structural analysis or FEM simulation to calculate component loading and deformation

Structural simulation is increasingly being used to accompany the design process, as it allows for statements to be made about the later component loads at an early stage of development. FEM simulation thus shortens development times and prototype tests can be reduced.



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