AI based design engineering of products and processes

In the development of products and processes, the quality of concepts can be evaluated by using calculations, from an early stage on. However, such concepts usually have already been designed, and in addition to that, only a partial range of parameters is examined and only a limited number of calculations are performed due to a lack of time and budget. Overall, it seems likely that there is much better solution that could simply not be identified within the project framework.

Artificial intelligence expands the range of solutions

AI-based development and optimization methods make it possible to overcome these limitations and to exploit the spectrum of possible solutions significantly further. In the case of a desired balance of different, opposing development goals or product properties, for example, the complexity of the interactions of individual parameters increases to such an extent that humans can no longer keep track of them – AI-based simulation methods, on the other hand, can do so. In this way, the highest quality standards can be achieved – with justifiable effort in development.

The objectively determined optimum within the limits

Simulation-based engineering tools using AI – such as the M.OPT engineering tools by M.TEC – make it possible to cope with high complexities with economically reasonable use. The natural limitation of the solution scope by the human, predominantly subjective selection of influencing parameters to be considered is eliminated. AI-based development tools are able to scan multi-dimensional parameter spaces purely according to predefined goals, identifying in a mathematically neutral way those parameter sets that take all goals into account simultaneously and in the best possible way.

This engineering basis allows for higher-quality products that can also be manufactured and used more sustainably. In combination with model-based systems engineering, development risks can also be further reduced in terms of quality, time and costs. 

Making artificial intelligence applicable for M.TEC's customers

M.TEC is a pioneer in the use of simulation methods. For the development of complex products and processes, M.TEC now offers its customers the  innovative M.OPT engineering tools: Multi-physics applications based on AI as a toolbox, which can be used to optimize towards several development goals at the same time. The following M.OPT tools are available as a service by M.TEC:

  • M.OPT warpage
    For injection molded parts - You get the parameter set for the lowest possible warpage under the given boundary conditions, also including geometry parameters and in addition to that you will know the highly sensitive parameters
    More on M.OPT warpage here
  • M.OPT design
    For products – optimization for multiple requirements simultaneously, with optimally balanced component properties
    More on M.OPT design here
  • M.OPT process
    For manufacturing processes – optimization of injection molding or extrusion processes, production of stamped/bent parts, etc. 
Innovations in designing products and processes – M.TEC
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