Product management & design

From idea to successful product

From the very first draft to conception and realization: a good idea often has a long way to go before it can reach - and hopefully enrich - the market as a product. Keeping an eye on all influencing factors in this complex process and thinking consistently from the beginning, so that a successful product can be created in the end, requires not only knowledge of the technical feasibility and functionality, but also an insight into the special market requirements and consumer demands. M.TEC Engineering has been developing ideas into good products for over 30 years: With the necessary expertise, experience and in-house simulation department.

Integrated product development: design and engineering

Starting with the initial market analysis, consumer needs and the basic feasibility of a design into an industrial manufacturing process, it is the task of integrated product development to turn ideas into successful products. Developing ideas methodically therefore means knowing and understanding the creation process and life cycle of a product. It is essential to maintain an overview of the entire product development chain, to define relevant influencing factors and to identify and eliminate potential stumbling blocks.

The decisive factor here is an understanding of both the end user and the interests of the client in a complex market environment. A systematic approach not only brings structure to the product development process, but also increases time and cost efficiency. To avoid iterations in the development process and thus reduce development costs, M.TEC Engineering follows the process of "Integrated Product Development". In this approach, design and engineering work closely together from the beginning of the product development process. In this way, the creative work of designers is checked for technical feasibility from the outset, and design aspects are reconciled with the requirements of mechanical development.

Our range of services in the field of product design at a glance:

  • Industrial Design (Concept Development, Refinement and Implementation, Strategy)
  • Graphic Design (Product Branding, Brand and Identity Communications)
  • Color, Material Design (Trend Forecasting, Color Material & Finish Design, Specification)
  • User Interface Design (Usability Analysis and Specification, Concept Development, Prototyping and Implementation)

Consistent development from the start- M.TEC Engineering

In detail, the process of product definition includes the determination of market-related customer needs, the formulation of product ideas, their pre-selection, storage, filtering and transfer into product proposals. This is followed by the creation of the product specification, which describes the totality of your requirements for the desired product. This product specification is essential for strategic and equally efficient and effective product development. 

Product definition services by M.TEC

User scenarios & product mapping

We put ourselves in the role of the end customers and develop user scenarios that reflect their customers' view of the new product.

  • What is the handling of the new product like?
  • What user experience does the customer expect?
  • How is the transport in the distribution planned?

But we also keep an eye on the product's environment.

  • What is the competitive situation?
  • How should the product be positioned in terms of value, price, and degree of innovation in comparison to competing products?   

M.TEC works out the competitive situation, e.g. by means of product mapping, and makes the environment transparent for you.

Perceived quality

During development, M.TEC pays attention to making quality tangible, keyword "perceived quality". When we use expensive materials in products, for example, we pay attention to the value of the entire product. We make sure that weight, materials, fit, surfaces, gap dimensions and part quality are all in the right proportion to one another. On the other hand, we design product features or parts of products that the customer does not see with maximum cost awareness. By means of function integration, we push the limits of what is technically feasible.

Product design and product creation

Focusing on purely technical performance features cannot guarantee the success of a product. In addition to functionality, quality and cost, design often plays a decisive role. Design addresses the aesthetic ideas and expectations of the target group, thereby increasing the product's chances of selling in the targeted market segment.

Good design improves the usability of the product, optimizes ergonomics and clarifies the internal relationships between construction and use. In this way, design makes a significant contribution to the market success of technical products.

Why commission product management and design at M.TEC Engineering?

At M.TEC Engineering, we have over 30 years of experience in the cross-industry development of complex technical devices. Whether electrical devices, medical products or automotive: We know the associated requirements from the manufacturer as well as the customer side.  From design to equipment, we are familiar with the development process - turning good ideas into better products.

M.TEC Engineering develops your successful products of tomorrow - strategically, methodically and target-oriented.

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