Automotive engine compartment

Fan shroud (Design Engineering by M.TEC)

Fan shroud – Design aspects and objectives: Fluid mechanics, acoustics, mechanics, balanced filling, low warpage

Engineering of components in the engine compartment

In the field of engineering, M.TEC offers a comprehensive range of services for the design and development of products and components in the engine compartment. M.TEC engineers draw on know-how from development and design as well as from simulation and calculation. Above all, the interdisciplinary combination of specializations from the fields of fluid mechanics, plastics technology and structural analysis enables M.TEC to act as an integrated development partner.

In component development, the focus is on topics such as cylinder head covers, air filter systems, engine cooling or exhaust gas turbochargers. In addition, M.TEC engineers solve tasks in the areas of noise reduction, air conditioning, battery technology as well as the design of gaskets.

In the engine compartment, the component design and materials are sometimes subjected to extreme stresses. An important task in engineering is the correct selection of engineering plastics with the appropriate load-bearing capacity within the boundary conditions. Typical requirements for the material are as follows:

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Media resistance, especially against oils, chemicals, salts and all kinds of dirt
  • Tightness of individual components over the entire service life

Sample projects engine compartment components and assemblies

  • Suction pipes, air intake systems
  • Hoods
  • Oil filter modules
  • Fans and fan frames
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valves
  • Brake fluid reservoir
  • Coolant expansion tank
  • Oil expansion tank
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Battery Technology
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