Automotive interior components

Lightweight seat (Design engineering by M.TEC)

Design of the CAD model based upon structural optimization; followed by wall thickness optimization and fibre layer optimization using further simulations

Airbag shot simulation (Engineering by M.TEC)

High dynamic simulation of an airbag shot – picture shows the beginning of the unfolding

Lighting of a car ac vent (Design engineering by M.TEC)

High-end design ambient lighting - design engineering aspects: crash-proof, homogeneous illumination, invisible light guides, analogue assembly

Engineering of interior components

A wide range of requirements are placed on interior components. In addition to fulfilling their function, design, ergonomics, haptics, assembly and production aspects play a major role. The trend towards autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles will in future require the development of new interiors with changed demands on occupant safety, functionality and design.

M.TEC combines the know-how from development and design with special skills from the fields of plastics technology, structural mechanics and fluid mechanics, among others. In this way, different concepts can be compared and holistically evaluated very early in the development process. 

Customer opinion on M.TEC

"M.TEC supported us outstandingly with our product innovation ChromTouch® with technically excellent impulses in the development. Previously pure decorative elements are now smart control elements—for new ways of interaction in the vehicle interior!"

Dr. Carsten Brockmann
Managing Director, Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH

Sample projects automotive interior components

Within the scope of interior engineering, M.TEC develops components such as

  • Instrument panels
  • Airbag cover
  • Centre consoles
  • Outflow nozzles
  • Seating systems (functional and trim parts of seats)
  • Door panels
  • Pedals
  • Partition walls 

Lighting in vehicle interior

In vehicle interiors, light is used in illuminated or backlit components as a functional and design element. Requirements for such components are, for example, the homogeneous illumination of defined areas, the glare-free design of the components and the integration of the lighting components into the existing installation space.

M.TEC develops intelligent lighting solutions for

  • lighting of instrument panels, door panels, centre consoles, roof linings and seats
  • Illumination of switches and controllers
  • Integration of lighting effects in air nozzles

Lighting simulation is used to evaluate concepts and design the lighting components. The subsequent construction and photometric evaluation of prototypes ensures the development result.

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