Robust Design Optimization (RDO)

Endless possibilities - one optimum

Products and processes are subject to numerous influencing variables that fluctuate and interact with each other. Man is unable to grasp this complexity. In development and design, they never reach the optimum - robust design optimization, on the other hand, masters this task.

A safe methodology for the optimal solution

Mathematically calculated optimum from all parameters 

Robust Design Optimization ("RDO") is a safe method to reliably optimize the simulation for required properties with the help of mathematical calculation models, taking all scattering factors into account. This results in products, processes and systems that are inevitably optimally designed with regard to the given boundary conditions: durable, stable and simply "robust".

On the mathematical-theoretical level there are no limits to this parameter optimization. New computational models are increasingly enabling practical, economical use as development tools in product development and process optimization.

RDO is available in almost all application areas - regardless of whether it is a product or a production process.

Perfect balance of parameters

The perfect balance

When several parameters that affect the fulfillment of functions have contradictory goals, they are optimally balanced in a robust product. Robust Design Optimization delivers solutions that are simultaneously optimized for all requirements - in products, manufacturing processes and entire systems.

Durability as a result

Robust design means that small changes in individual parameters have no or negligible effect. Robust products, processes and systems are insensitive to disturbing influences in practice. They are uncomplicated in use, stable and resistant.

High efficiency in the overall project

Robust Design Optimization stands for high efficiency in the overall project:

Improved product quality 

  • Higher efficiencies with otherwise unchanged parameters
  • Reduced risk of functional failure
  • Gain new design information - for better product quality, reliability and performance

More efficient design and development 

  • Reliably identify the most important influencing factors for the performance criteria of a product
  • Eliminate unwanted sensitivities in early development phases
  • Targeted control of failure probabilities via robustness evaluations
  • Fewer tests and prototypes
  • Reduced development times

Reduced quality fluctuations

  • More robust construction of components and assemblies
  • More robust production processes

RDO application areas

Robust Design Optimization is individually applicable to each process and each optimization problem. The question must be defined by parameters and the response variable must be measurable and evaluable. Typical application areas are:

Product development

  • Determination of parameters in construction and development
  • Targeted management of probabilities of default
  • Optimization of existing products

Production processes 

  • Reduce scrap
  • Increase cycle number/reduce cycle time
  • Reduce resource consumption

RDO achieves a very large benefit in the area of high-quality high-volume products.

Why M.TEC as a service provider for robust design optimization?

M.TEC's strengths as an engineering service provider for RDO and simulation & calculation:

Holistic product developer

  • Interdisciplinary knowledge in physics permanently available in-house
  • Know-how in product development and plastics technology
  • Know-how in production machines and manufacturing processes

Expert for simulation & calculation

  • In-depth understanding of the physical and mathematical fundamentals
  • Expert knowledge in FEM calculation, simulation software and programming
  • 25 years of experience in the use, adaptation and extension of various simulation software tools

Combining innovation and profitability

  • In research projects, in university teaching and through our involvement in research networks, we are constantly working on innovations.
  • If we transfer new ideas into products and processes, we consistently apply solution methodology and design systematics - for short development times and high cost-effectiveness.

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