Rapid Tooling

Prototyping and functional models

In order to prove the functionality as well as the compliance with requirements of a developed technical system or also for the initial testing of production equipment, the engineers of M.TEC support you with meaningful prototype series. In the case of more complex technical functions and depending on the scope of the prototype series, a wide variety of processes are used to produce the prototypes. If the scope of the prototype series or a great deal of detail is required to match the actual technical system, rapid tooling methods are used, among others. By using forming tools, it is possible to obtain components with near-series component quality within a few days or individual weeks.

The production of components in injection molds made of high-strength aluminium allows small to medium prototype quantities of e.g. up to 5000 pieces to be produced from the tools. Depending on the degree of complexity, undercuts, surfaces and component quality can be achieved as in the series injection molding process. 

If medium to high quantities and injection molding process equivalent components are required, single-cavity prototype tools made of steel with very high stability can be produced. In some cases, these tools can be integrated into multi-cavity injection molds for the series production process, which increases the cost efficiency of prototype production.

The functional models created in this way enable a valid and above all early control of component design and assembly equipment. This testing of the technical system in prototype series allows even smaller corrections to be made if necessary, before the production of the tools for series production is started. 

Services in rapid tooling

  • Planning and implementation of prototype series
  • Development and construction of functional samples and prototypes
  • Definition and inquiry of suitable production processes and manufacturers
  • Procurement and assembly of prototype series
  • Coordination of the testing of new measuring and production equipment
  • Testing of prototypes according to technical and requirements

Frequently used rapid tooling procedures

  • 3D printing tools
  • Resin tools
  • Aluminum tools
  • Single-cavity steel tools

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