M.TEC develops your product up to series production ramp-up – and does not stop at the packaging. Our engineers consider projects in a holistic way: This includes design and development on the one hand, but also the robust manufacture of products as well as the necessary tools, assembly and packaging. In doing so, we keep industrialization in mind in the early stages of development and thus design products ready for production.

Packaging industry experiencing changes

The packaging industry is subject to a wide variety of requirements needing to be resolved which can sometimes even be contradictory. Packaging fulfils three decisive functions: It should protect the product as best as possible from environmental influences, meet logistical requirements and fulfil marketing aspects. It has to be visually appealing, practical and designed for specific target groups while at the same time being subject to high time and cost pressure. The importance of packaging should not be underestimated, especially in the case of B2C products, as it creates a valuable link between production and consumer. Increasingly, resource-friendly handling and sustainability play a crucial role in packaging development and also influence consumers' purchasing decisions. M.TEC knows about the importance of these aspects and their interplay and develops the best and most sensible packaging solution for you – and with you! 

Packaging design as part of the development at M.TEC

M.TEC knows about the high demands on design-technical packaging and takes them into account in the product development process. Our engineers jointly with our designer develop packaging designs for you that are suitable for mass production, or implement your design idea ready for the market. In doing so, we act independently of the material: Our unique knowledge in plastics technology is complemented by the customer's choice of other established packaging materials such as paper, metal and glass. 

Industry-independent development with expertise

Our development systematics remains independent concerning packaging industry. At the same time, we know the market-specific requirements that individual industries demand of the packaging of products: In medical technology, for example, packaging processes are closely interwoven with disinfection and sterilization processes and are subject to strict documentation and release requirements. At M.TEC, we know and live such industry know-how and are the right contact for market specifics. Nevertheless, we develop your individual packaging without thinking only one-way – in every industry and for all products!

Unique expertise in plant technology

In addition to packaging design, M.TEC engineers also have exceptional knowledge concerning packaging plants. For example, when bottling liquids, the corresponding plants must meet a variety of requirements. For example, they must guarantee uniform filling of the packaging with a clearly defined tear-off film even when the machine is operating at high speeds. It is also conceivable to use the same machine with the same nozzle and geometry, but with media of different viscosity. M.TEC masters such tasks in the design of packaging plants through interdisciplinary cooperation with our experienced in-house simulation and calculation department, covering both mechanical engineering development and troubleshooting.

New ways in packaging technology

M.TEC is characterized by vast experience in development on the one hand and a strong drive for innovation on the other. We develop new solutions for you in packaging technology, e.g. packaging with RFID. For new product ideas, we support you in the development of the necessary technology and process – together we will achieve the best result for you!

M.TEC – full-range supplier for packaging

Depending on your product, target plans and project status, we develop intelligent, appealing and functional packaging for you or together with you, or even initial machine concepts for it. We are happy to help you in every step of the project, both as project managers and as support for all developments, processes, simulations and calculations. With M.TEC you have an expert for packaging technology at your side!


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