Mechanical Engineering Solutions

We are passionate to find the best solution - in our customer's interest

We at M.TEC are mechanical engineers with passion. We are a dedicated service provider. We view and master challenges completely in the customer's  interest. To do so, we have built up a wide range of know-how and equipment that we use in a customized manner. This is how we have been developing individual and precise solutions for almost 30 years.

Methodical Engineering

A systematic approach to the development process paves the way to robust, innovative solutions, even when requirements are complex and contradictory. In combination with the systematic design approach, this is the basis for successful developments in special machine engineering.

We know what is important: production-ready documentation taking into account the necessary guidelines and standards and the respective manufacturing processes are a matter of course.

Physics, construction and economy in harmony

M.TEC considers all levels: from the physical principles of action to design issues and economic efficiency. Thus, M.TEC develops cost-effective solutions that meet all requirements.
Analytics / process knowledge

In all customer projects, M.TEC takes an analytical approach and makes use of its extensive process knowledge. This means idea generation with system, creative engineering, process simulation and know-how in production technology, machine guidelines, standards and ergonomics.
Development synergies at M.TEC

M.TEC offers you a variety of engineering synergies in-house, including

  • Simulation technology / CAE
  • Design technology?
  • Process Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Tool Technology
  • Fluid mechanics

Project examples in mechanical engineering & special machine engineering from M.TEC

  • Vacuum technology: Handling for wafer production
  • Vacuum chamber: Functional processes for OLED production
  • Service tool for clean room application
  • Development of a robot transfer in clean room technology
  • Maintenance unit for changing wear parts in high vacuum/clean rooms
  • Validation of complex assembly steps using manual assembly stations
  • Development of engine test beds
  • Development of vehicle test stands
  • Development of a spot welding system for the assembly of a battery
  • Development of a new machine concept
  • Development of an additional module for integration into an existing assembly line
  • Conception of a packaging plant (additional module)
  • CostSaving project of a packaging machine
  • Development of a torque testing device
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