Thermoplastic foam molding / MuCell

In thermoplastic foam molding (TSG), also known as the "MuCell process", the plastic melt is inoculated with compressed gas bubbles. The mold is filled in the same way as with conventional injection molding, but the mold is not completely filled. The residual filling of the mold is achieved by the expansion of the gas bubbles.

The advantages of this special injection molding process are the low distortion of the components and the low component weight. A 10% reduction in component weight can be achieved with this process without any major loss in the strength of the material.

Simulation of thermoplastic foam casting TSG

As a service provider for the simulation of thermoplastic foam molding, M.TEC maps the complete process of the MuCell process including the foaming of the material up to the shrinkage and warpage behavior of the component in the simulation. The process can be simulated for all thermoplastic materials without additional measurement of material parameters.

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