2K injection molding / multi-component injection molding

In 2K injection molding (two-component injection molding), plastic components made of two different materials are produced in one manufacturing step. The simulation of 2K injection molding allows an optimal, cost-effective component design. Simulations also quickly reveal weak points in ongoing production.
Many plastic products from our everyday life such as razors, toothbrushes or bicycle handles are made of several materials. They are manufactured in so-called 2K injection molding. The material pairing often consists of a hard component and a soft component.

Such plastic components are rigid in themselves, but in some areas they are constructed with a soft, flexible material (for example, for grip surfaces). Since they contain different components or materials that are processed in the same manufacturing step, they are called 2K components (two-component parts).
In multi-component injection molding, on the other hand, the first component is injected as in classic compact injection molding. There are different processes or tools for the subsequent injection of the several other components. Essentially, slide molds, turntable molds and the transfer process are used.

Simulation 2K injection molding / multi-component injection molding

As a simulation service provider, M.TEC CAE maps the complete process of 2K injection molding and multi-component injection molding in the simulation, i.e. the production of plastic components with a material pairing. Such a 2K injection molding simulation includes the filling phase and holding pressure phase of the first component as well as the filling phase and holding pressure phase of the second component. The influence of the first component on the filling of the second component up to the melting of the first component is considered.

Using 3D simulation, we determine the interactions of the two components or materials, i.e. the common warpage behavior - a coupled calculation taking into account all thermal and mechanical effects of the individual materials. In this way we can simulate, for example, whether seals of 2K injection molded components function perfectly. In addition, we can analyse possible further interactions within the material pairing, which potentially have an influence on the design of 2K injection molded and multi-component injection molded parts.

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