Injection-Compression Molding

In injection-compression molding, the melt is injected into an incompletely closed mold. When the filling quantity is reached, the mold is closed and only with this process step the cavity is completely filled. This process allows the mold to be filled at a low pressure. The uniform holding pressure in the entire mold results in less distortion of the plastic components.

Simulation injection-compression molding as a special injection molding process

As a service provider for the simulation of injection-compression molding, M.TEC simulates the complete injection-compression molding process, from filling the opened mold to closing the mold and the shrinkage and warpage behavior of your component. Both thermoplastics and duromers can be simulated.

Especially in injection-compression molding, a well-balanced filling is important, otherwise the force to close the mold becomes very high and the plastic melt has to be pressed from the already filled areas into the not yet filled areas. M.TEC's engineers develop injection concepts for you that ensure optimum filling of your component in injection compression molding.

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