Gas Injection Technology GIT

Gas injection technology (GIT) (or gas injection process) is suitable for components that have high wall thicknesses in some areas or have tube-like structures. In the gas injection process, the entire mold is filled in a first step. After a short cooling phase, a secondary cavity is then opened and the melt is blown from the areas with high wall thickness into the secondary cavity.

The great advantage of this process is that it allows for components with a higher structural rigidity to be produced while maintaining a closed surface. Furthermore, components with higher wall thicknesses can be produced without increasing the cycle time or large differences in shrinkage.

We simulate the complete process of gas injection technology for you with

  • Mold filling
  • Blowing the melt into the secondary cavities
  • Shrinkage and distortion behavior of the component

The GIT simulation is also possible based on 3D elements, so that the resulting gas channel can be displayed in the component.

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