Warpage optimization using the digital twin

Automotive front bumper – 45% improvement

Automotive front bumper – 45% improvement (Engineering by M.TEC)

Warpage optimization using the digital twin – overall warpage of the front bumper reduced from 8.0mm to 4.4mm (45% improvement), in addition to a much more even warpage (images scaled equally; bottom before, top after)

High precision connector – 36% improvement

High precision connector – 36% improvement (Engineering by M.TEC)

Warpage optimzation of a high precision connector using the digital twin – overall warpage connector reduced from 0.461mm to 0.294mm (36% improvement) (images at same scale; bottom before, top after)

A plastics engineering innovation by M.TEC – mathematics independently calculates the best possible parameter set for a component and its process, under individually specified boundary conditions – high-end warpage optimization for the most critical components of any size

„For almost 30 years our customers have been asking for the perfect parameter set for their plastic component. With our know-how and pioneering spirit, we have now created the development tool that calculates this parameter set for our customers.“
Stefan Vogler, Team leader simulation & calculation at M.TEC

What is the digital twin in warpage optimisation?

  • A virtual image of a plastic component together with the process – a mathematical model of all the physical relationships
  • Illustrates the effects of parameter changes
  • All process parameters and also geometry parameters can be considered (unlike the DoE approach, there are no restrictions in quantities of the parameters chosen)

What is the result for the customers of M.TEC?

  • The customers get the parameter set for the lowest possible component warpage
  • Identification of the sensitive parameters (and thus also those ones that are negligible)
  • Time saving and cost saving - tool overhauls become very unlikely
  • Competitive edge

How do you create the digital twin?

  • Defining which parameters to include
  • Varying parameters
  • Calculating or measuring parameter values
  • Determining the function – it is the basis for carrying out the mathematical warpage optimization

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